CanHap 501: Learning Haptic UX Design in Remote Teams


We describe the graduate-level CanHap 501 ( course, an introduction to the inception, creation and evaluation of haptic and multimodal human-computer interfaces. The course covers perceptual and attentional foundations, and emphasizes control and/or display of computed sensations and environments through haptic devices to users’ sense of touch for the purpose of haptic communication— e.g., signalling, social and affective touch, and sharing of control between humans and smart systems.

2021 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC)
Antoine Weill--Duflos
Antoine Weill--Duflos
Directeur de la Recherche et Intégration Produit

Je m’intéresse à l’haptique, la mécatronique, la micro-robotique…