Designing haptic interactions

A bit of Taxonomy

  • Somatosensory systems

  • Somesthetic senses:

    • sense of touch
    • proprioception
    • haptic perception
  • Haptic feedback

    • Kinesthetic
    • Tactile

Types of tactile receptors

  • Mechanoreceptors
  • Thermoreceptors
  • Nociceptors

All sharing the same channel

Gate Control Theory

running cool water on a burned area = less pain

Tactile receptors

Two-point discrimination

Do we have the same tactile sensitivity everywhere?

Cortical Homunculus

Playing with the senses

Optical illusions

Auditory illusions

Auditory illusions

Haptic illusions

  • cross your finger and touch your nose
  • cutaneous rabbit illusion

Haptic communication

  • Tactile feedback
  • Vibrotactile feedback
  • Thermal feedback
  • Force feedback

Some realisations

Surface Interaction

MIT Tangible Media Group

Haptic teleoperation

Vibrotactile actuators

More vibrotactile actuators

Try it on your phone !

Using html5 API

Recent work

Online ressources


A sense of Truth, interview of V. Hayward

The technology of touch, K. Kuchenbecker TED talk

Online tools

Haptipedia: online database of haptic devices

VibViz: explore vibrations patterns